detect common compensatory movements. This reveals underlying muscle imbalances or weakness, making it possible to prescribe exercises specific to the athlete allowing them to maximize their performance. 

As an athlete herself, Tricia possesses firsthand knowledge of the muscular synergy, core strength and dynamic stability required to perform the combined movement patterns. Tricia provides a biomechanical, postural evaluation to 

​​​​​​Optimal Care Physical Therapy P.C.

At Optimal Care, we see a variety of patients. Along with our patients who come in seeking common physical therapy treatments, our therapists also specialize in:

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Pediatric physical therapy provides evaluation and treatment of conditions affecting infants, children and young adults. By creating a customized program integrating therapeutic activities and play, we are able to facilitate; Gross motor development, strength and flexibility, balance and coordination, and endurance.

Active Seniors

Seniors are often faced with challenges that can affect quality of life, such as deficits in strength and balance, fear of falling, deconditioning, and arthritis. Physical Therapy can help seniors improve balance and stability, coordination, muscle strength, allowing individuals to enjoy fuller, more active lifestyles. Each individual is evaluated to determine the most appropriate course of care. 


  • Extreme Sports
  • Young Athletes 
  • Weekend Warriors